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James Gaskin

Freelance writer and speaker

I write books, articles, and jokes about technology, and consult for those who don't read my books or articles. Columns, blogs, ghostwriting, white papers, and case studies.

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Private clouds 400 article

5 Signs You're Not Running a Private Cloud

Just because it’s virtualized doesn’t mean it’s a cloud. Evaluate your private cloud based on these five principles....

Bestof2011 article

10 Biggest Moments in Tech 2011

A review of the big moments in technology that left an impact this year....

Webex0519 400 article

A Solid Case for Solid-State Drives

Solid-state drives are more reliable, more compact and conserve more energy than regular hard drives....

Webex0901 400 article

Thin vs. Thick Clients

Is it better to have a client that's large and in charge or thin and nimble?...

Nas 400 article

NAS: Big Storage in a Small Space

Network-attached storage devices can fulfill the needs of both large and small companies....

Mobile point of sale 0 article

What’s Next in Mobile Point of Sale?

New ways of approaching mobile-first customers demand adoption of more savvy data- and payment-gathering technology....

Smart watch 400 article

Why Wearables Will Become Must-Have Technology

Computers have become so essential to our existence that users are now demanding the devices double as wardrobe accessories....

First virtual server 400 article

Getting Started with Server Virtualization

Assess your hardware and storage needs to support your first virtual server rollout....

Windows8 default 400 article

Why Windows 8 Is Not Vista II

Microsoft’s new OS is packed with new features and users should adjust to the new interface fairly quickly....

Phones wearable article

The Smartphone Lies at the Heart of the Wearable Revolution

While many are thrilled about the potential of wearable technology, it’s important to remember that the smartphone currently holds the keys to the kingdom....